Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Many say we’re heading into another Great Depression.  Maybe they’re right. I have read in the news about job layoffs. We’ve all seen the stock market crumble along with house prices. Home foreclosures are in every neighborhood. Maybe it’s time for many to consider a second or third job.

I found a “help wanted” ad that I wanted to share with you.  I actually took the job but they’re still hiring. It’s a great place to work with ideal benefits. The hours are long but you have great job security. Here’s a copy of the ad.  Make sure you tell them where you heard about the job. I get credit for that.


Sales: Entry level position. Full time work. No experience or education necessary. Will train any willing applicant. No drug or background check required.

Compensation: Stock in company. No commission. No base pay.

Requirements: No quitters need apply. Position requires much training and practice. Must be willing to build your endurance and faith. Lots of overtime. Must have a positive attitude. Personal sacrifice demanded.

Benefits: No vacation. No sick days. No overtime pay. However you will no longer have to worry about anything.  All cares of this world will be provided. Ultimate networking environment. Retirement package includes a mansion on streets paved with gold. Eternal life. No tears.

Contact Info: In the HR department ask for Jesus. All applications go through him.  1-800-SIN-FREE.

By Richard Dodson