Our Church History

The Battle Creek church of Christ began in the town of Hermosa, South Dakota, in April 2011. The name was selected from the creek that runs through the town of Hermosa. The fledgling congregation met in the American Legion Hall with 16 founding members. In December of 2013, the church moved its location to its present spot off Highway 44 across from the Western Dakota Technical Institute in Rapid City.

The Battle Creek church of Christ is a non-institutional, non-denominational congregation. It believes in the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures as its only creed and guide.

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A Church That is
Just a Church

Maybe you’ve noticed that a lot of churches today are involved in all kinds of business and social ventures, and very little in teaching the word of God. Some are quite proud of the fact that they place little emphasis on doctrinal matters.

Our emphasis is spiritual–not material or social. For that reason, our main concern is that we abide in, and teach, the doctrine of Jesus Christ. This requires that we pay close attention to the Bible, and treat it as our sole guide in spiritual matters.

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Our Minister

Steve Hamilton is the minister for the Battle Creek church of Christ.

After many years in secular life, Brother Hamilton was asked to preach full time for the Kearney church of Christ in Kearny, Missouri. He worked there for 5 years before relocating to the Black Hills of South Dakota. For 7 years he worked with the Southside church of Christ in Rapid City before planting a new congregation in Hermosa, South Dakota. That church has since moved to Rapid City in their present location on Centre Street. He is now in his 14th year working for the Lord in the Rapid City area.

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Battle Creek Church Of
Christ Sermon Video

Times & Schedule

Schedule of services for Sunday.

9AM Bible Study and 10AM Worship Service

(Or every other week)

4PM Bible Study and 5PM Worship Sevice

(Rotating every week so please call ahead 605-430-8405.)

Schedule for Wednesday.

7PM – Bible Study

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