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Seeking to Establish Their Own Righteousness

A series of articles came across my desk that caused me to realize that our society is not just abandoning the teachings of Christ. People realize that society needs moral standards in order to function, but without the standards of God to guide them, society is turning to guidelines of its own making. In October, 2005, Gene Edward Veith wrote an article for World Magazine titled "Worldly Word." In the article, Mr. Veith discusses the ...

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A Word of Caution

Brethren, if you are planning on buying a new NIV Bible, there is something you need to be aware of. Their first translation came out in 1973, and was followed by a revision in 1997. The '97 version was a "gender inclusive" rendering, and died quickly. A gender inclusive version involves the elimination of masculine pronouns when they were intended to include both sexes. The NIV publisher, Zondervan, has now brought out a newer attempt ...

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