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Paradise Lost

Students of the bible correctly believe that faithful followers of Christ will be found in Paradise upon death.  However, not all believe that some in Paradise will not make it to the final reward.  This seems counterintuitive.  Paradise is a place of rest in the presence of God.  How could a person make it to Paradise but not to Heaven? The mention of paradise produces visions of aesthetic gardens.  The word paradise is derived from ...

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Is a Judgment Day Coming Upon God’s People?

God’s word is infallible (2 Tim. 3:16-17). As such, every word is inspired of God. God wrote the Bible via inspired men through the Holy Spirit. There are no contradictions in scripture. If a contradiction seems to exist, that alone is proof of error. For example, if I take the position that only non-Christians are subject to God’s Judgment and I find a single verse in the Bible that says otherwise, that is proof that ...

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Sins Just Prior to Death

       What will happen to a Christian if he commits a sin just prior to his death?  Will he be saved?  It certainly is an intriguing question.   It seems plausible that a Christian could curse just prior to his death say in an automobile accident.  In light of James 2:10, does that mean his soul is eternally lost just because he slipped up just prior to his death?           If that scenario is possible, then we ...

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