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By What Authority?

By David Watts Jr. Some Background For generations, brethren have correctly demanded authority for all that we do. We have correctly followed the pattern of Acts 15 when the brethren and apostles came together to consider the question of circumcision for Gentiles. We demand direct statements from Scripture, approved examples, and necessary conclusions. We have also argued correctly that we do not act out of the silence of the Scriptures. Rather, we are to “prove ...

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There Must Needs be Heresies

After a few weeks study at St. John's University and Abbey, I am impressed by the perceptive Roman Catholic analysis of the weaknesses of Protestantism. They insist that Protestants are pressed between two unacceptable extremes. One extreme grows out of the assumption that man has an individual obligation to judge Bible truth. As a result, "a principle of disunity is embedded in the very essence of Protestantism." On the other hand, in order to escape ...

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Why is it so Hard to Study the Bible?

Why is it necessary to study the bible?  Why is it so hard to study the Bible?  It may seem like a silly question to some of us, but if you think about it, it must be difficult because so few, even within the church attempt it. Steve has preached numerous lessons on the need for personal study.  In 2 Timothy 2 Paul said, “Remind them of these things, charging them before the Lord not ...

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